Give-A-Sack About Testicular Cancer Awareness

Give-A-Sack About Testicular Cancer Awareness

Bless her heart, your mother probably told you to scrub behind those ears a thousand times. Most mothers aren’t so keen, however, to instruct their young boys on the finer points of sac-handling. 

Well, consider us your quirky and oversharing uncle, because April is testicular cancer awareness month, and we’re going to get all kinds of professorial on your butt! Well, mostly on your balls - you get it. 

In all seriousness, testicular cancer is an issue that affects up to 10,000 men every year, which is why we are once again launching our “Give a Sack” edition of our classic Ballwash.  It’s a new scent with a purpose.


Label design collaboration with the awesome, Craig Wotto Watkins 

Aside from the fresh new scent (Mandarine, eucalyptus, mint) this Give-a-Sack Ballwash is the same activated charcoal scrub that you know and love. You can slather it all over your acorns, your backside, and the rest of your body without worrying about harsh chemicals or a cheap, overpowering smell. Just lather up in the shower and scrub away for lasting freshness from head to toe.

As always, our Give-a-Sack Ballwash is free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic dies, and it’s backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. A 16-ounce supply will last you a solid two months or more. Made in the USA, baby! 

As proud as we are of our contribution to testicular cancer research, we know we can do more to inform guys of the proper screening techniques. That’s why every year, in addition to putting our money where your balls are, we throw in a refresher course to boot, Ballsy style. Here we go:


First, bathe the boys – You’ve probably already heard that the shower is the best time to check for lumps, but you don’t want to give them the old “trust me, I’m a doctor” without thoroughly cleaning your balls and hands at the very least. Once you’ve had a once- or twice-over with our Give-a-Sack Ballwash, it’s time to take a look.
Epididymis-who? – If it’s been a while since anatomy and physiology, we’ll clue you in. What you want to feel for first is the epididymis – a tube that can be felt above and behind your balls. Once that’s accounted for, head southward and gently roll a ball between your thumb and pointer finger like it’s a super fragile glass marble. Repeat for the other ball. How’s the terrain?
Stay ahead of the game – If you notice a distinct lump, swelling, pain, or a combination, it’s time to call the doctor. There are many circumstantial issues and minor conditions that could present this way, but there’s no question that calling is the right choice. If you check regularly enough, you’ll catch whatever it is early and move on with your life.
Now, grab a bottle and head to the shower to give your boys a scrub and a check because there's nothing more Ballsy than giving a sack.

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